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The U.S. Virgin Islands received more accolades recently when it made’s list of Top 5 Best Islands to Raise a Family.

USVI best islands to raise family

For those of us at Blue Sky Real Estate who are raising our families in the USVI completely understand why our beloved islands made the list of best island locations to raise a family!

Some of the benefits cited include: our unique culture, strong historic roots, easy travel between the islands and close proximity to the US via numerous direct flights. The article also rightly mentioned other logistical advantages to relocating your family to the USVI – no passport required, a familiar governmental structure and a familiar language (English, albeit with a lilting Caribbean twist).

We would add other pros to the list such as: year-round, near-perfect weather; some of the best boating/snorkeling/diving in the world; and a collection of small communities with exotic flare!

Relocation to the USVI is the ultimate carpe diem move that yields the joy of exotic coastal living with many of the comforts of the USA.

Thanks to for recognizing our USVI as a perfect place for the adventurous family to call home. See the full article here.

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