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We represent all Caribbean properties – large and small. As such, we carefully assess each listing opportunity to determine how to capture the most appropriate exposure for YOUR asset.

Our internet marketing includes a powerful website presence, extensive social network and email marketing as well as numerous affiliate real estate websites.

    Selling Your Virgin Islands Home

    Selling a home in the Virgin Islands requires a broad marketing effort. Blue Sky Real Estate’s extensive network of prospective buyers includes international and local companies and individuals.

    We utilize modern techniques and tools to expand the exposure of your home across cyberspace, but we never forget the value of the personal touch and word-of-mouth.

    People often ask, why use a Realtor? The answer is simple. A real estate transaction requires in-depth market knowledge, a grasp of the law, and a great deal of diplomacy to keep all parties on track and focused on a successful closing.

    For so many of us, real estate is our largest single asset. Don’t leave the ultimate value of your most significant investments to chance. Call an expert. Contact us now.

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