We fell in love with Yemaya Jones work years ago. Back in 2008, when we started Blue Sky Real Estate we selected Yemaya’s pillows as our closing gift to clients.

Yemayas artfully-crafted, batik pillows make the perfect closing gift! Each unique pillow is an engaging Caribbean artistic expression, now celebrated on the national stage.

We are elated that Yemayas work was featured in the 2013 Smithsonian Folklife Festival entitled: The Will to Adorn – African American Diversity, Style & Identity in June and early July. Not only are we thrilled our very own St. Croix artist has received such an elite honor, we also love that each of our clients now possess pillow with provenance and inarguable beauty!

According to the Smithsonian website: Yemaya Jones is a pioneering artist in the field of fabric art design, particularly itajime (clamp resist) and batik. Her work has been featured in Essence, Panache, Caribbean World, and She magazines. She has exhibited in numerous galleries across the country including the Studio Museum of Harlem; her work is included in the National Association of Fashion and Accessory Designers private collection, and it is a constant feature in fashion shows. 

Yemaya created an entire collection for the Annual Congressional Black Caucus fashion show, Atlanta Style (a retrospective of African American style), and the Sunstyle Show on the island of Barbados. Yemaya currently teaches a textile design course, she designed and implemented. She can be seen working at her studio on the island of St. Croix. 

The 2013 Will to Adorn Festival program showcases the distinctive ways in which diverse African American identities are expressed through attire and adornment. And it explores the traditions, artistry, and social histories that have shaped these expressions.

The program features demonstrations and workshops by artisans, such as milliners, hairdressers, jewelers, tailors, and ceremonial regalia makers. It presents performances by exemplars of styles such as musicians, dancers, activists, poets, athletes, and others. Hands-on activities—which include try-on sessions, interactive workshops, and craft making— invite visitor participation and are oriented to families.

Congratulations to Yemaya on her tremendous accomplishment. We look forward to delivering our next nationally acclaimed closing gift courtesy of Yemayas artistic genius!