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St. Thomas Quarters

The island of St. Thomas is split into 7 quarters.

Charlotte Amalie (King’s, Queen’s & Crown Prince’s, New) Quarter

Often referred to as “downtown” Charlotte Amalie, is a bustling epicenter of schools, shops, art galleries, local restaurants and offices. All three areas share significant characteristics such as step streets and buildings that hold strong historical significance. Also in charlotte amalie you will find the downtown seaborne airlines base, the VITRAN ferry port and the picturesque waterfront area.

East End (Red Hook)

The largest community within the east end is Red Hook while smaller communities include neighborhoods such as Benner, Nazareth, Nadir, Frydendal, and Smith Bay. Red Hook also offers expanded options for those looking to shop and enjoy island cuisine. One of the most visited tourist attractions on the island of St.Thomas, Coral World Marine Park & Underwater Observatory is also located within the east end quarter. The marine park takes you on interactive explorations of St. Thomas’s underwater sites and also affords you the opportunity to swim with dolphins!

Northside/Tutu (Great Northside, Little Northside)

The second largest subdistrict in the Virgin Islands, Estate Tutu has approximately 9,100 citizens and is marked as one of the most densely populated areas in St. Thomas. Here you can find the TuTu Park Mall, the first shopping mall to be opened in the Virgin Islands.  Tillet Gardens Center for the Arts is also located in the Tutu district. Opened in 1959, this hub for local art galleries and studios boasts the largest collection of Virgin Island’s art under one roof.

Water Island

Setting itself apart from all of the other regional districts in St.Thomas, Water Island stands as its own land mass. Excluded from the original purchase of the other three islands, Water Island was acquired by the United States in 1944 and officially became a part of the USVI in 1996. Although Water Island has no significant commercial establishments, they do have a small population of 182 citizens. Visitors frequently flock to the beautiful Honeymoon beach, plantation ruins and Supermarket Reef, a breathtaking scuba diving site.

West End Quarter

The West End of St. Thomas is composed of neighborhoods such as Adelphi, John Oley, Sorgenfri, Fortuna, and Bonne Esperance to name a few. This area is described as having a lusher landscape and generally quieter than the rest of the island with an estimated population of 2.241 citizens. Site to many motion picture movies, Magen’s Bay is also located on the west end. It is known for its breathtaking views along the north coast, and is ideal for both swimming and snorkeling.

South Side (Frenchman's Bay)

The South Side of St. Thomas is composed of neighborhoods such as Frenchman’s Bay, Bovoni, and Bolongo Bay. 

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