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St. John Quarters

The island of St. John is split into 5 quarters.

Cruz Bay

For many, Cruz Bay is dubbed the economic center of St. John. In this area you will find the bustLing town that includes the main port with hourly ferry service, local shops and waterfront restaurants. From here, you can see a clear view of St. Thomas and Lovango Cay.

Coral Bay

Coray consists of neighborhoods Carolina, Emmaus, Eden, Zootenvaal, Saunders Gut, Calabash Boom, St. Quacco & Zimmerman, Fortsberg, Johns Folly and Concordia. Much like Cruz Bay, it once served as the economic center of the island when sugar cane production was the main source of revenue for the island. Now it is referred to as the “quiet side” of St. John

East End

Those looking for solace and much needed privacy pick the East End as their desired location for real estate investments. Located in a handful of upscale subdivisions, the terrain is rocky and dry but offers spectacular views of the ocean and neighboring islands.

Reef Bay

Spanning the southern shore much of Reef Bay is protected under the national park. Much like the east end, reef bay is a desired location for its seclusion, low traffic, and on a particularly clear day breathtaking views of St. Croix. Within Reef Bay, you will find Fish Bay a premier neighborhood that heavily resembles a stateside subdivision.

Maho Bay

There are very few private properties in Maho Bay as this area is largely protected by the federal government under national park restrictions. But in Maho Bay you can find spectacular beaches with gentler waters for swimming, snorkeling or paddle boarding.
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