Shiva Shakti Yoga Immersion

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The Blue Sky Real Estate team is looking forward to a unique experience coming to St. Croix in the fall of 2013.

A week-long yoga retreat — Experience the Science of Silence and Power Shive Shakti Yoga Immersion — is scheduled for November 14-20, 2013.

The Yoga immersion experience includes a six-night stay in one of St. Croixs most luxurious villas and three organic, gourmet vegetarian meals per day.

One of the worlds most influential master-teachers of yoga, Andrey Lappa, and Para Yogini Katie Silcox will offer a week-long yoga retreat on St. Croix this fall.

St. Croix is an ideal location for this inner harmonizing experience and we look forward to further supporting Renuatum Spa as they bring this event and others to our shores.

According to the instructors websites, the instructors bring with them a diverse array of talents and experience:

Katie Silcox

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Katie Silcox is a yogini, author, inspirational teacher and mentor to a worldwide network of vibrant, evolving seekers. She is the author of the soon-to-be-published book, Healthy Happy Sexy: Life + Soul Balance Through Ancient Ayurveda. She has studied with the world’s pre-eminent teachers, scholars and visionaries in the world of mind-body health.

She is a senior teacher within the Tantric Sri-Vidya-based ParaYoga lineage, ( and works in close mentorship with her teacher, Yogarupa Rod Stryker. In 2009, Katie was named one of San Francisco’s Best Yoga Teachers Under 30 by Common Ground Magazine and is the co-creator the Women-Only Tantric Yoga Teacher Training, 8 Drops Yoga.

Katie currently writes for Yoga Journal Online, has a regular radio slot on Where is My Guru, and is a nationally sponsored female athlete for Athleta. Katie is also certified Ayurvedic Wellness Educator and her studies include personal mentorship with Devi Mueller, President of the Ayurvedic Medical Association and Dr. Claudia Welch, author of Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life. Katie currently teaches workshops, retreats and trainings internationally.

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Andrey Lappa is one of the most qualified and influential masters and professional teachers of yoga in the all ex-soviet territory. All his life, he traveled and lived a long time in eastern countries: Mongolia, India, Nepal, Tibet, China, Buryatia, Siberia and others, where he developed skills with world known teachers, as well as learned from concealed from general attention but unusually vigorous ezotheric-practitioners. His books: “Dynamic practices in classical yoga” and “Yoga: Tradition of Unification” are best sellers. Andrey is also a good computer programmer and he has designed programs for teaching yoga which have proven to be very useful for his many students.

Having exceptional psychic-energetic abilities and posses key principals of Yoga he uses in his practice powerful and effective Universal Style. This Style unites the best sides of other existing styles and foundings, as well as all life experience, which is tied to Yoga from anyone and anywhere. Therefore, practicing this Style can be various and can vary methodical accent in precise way of an individual starting motivations and goals. In practice of Universal Style underlies grows of Power of Spirit, Knowledge, Awareness and struggling to Freedom. But first of all Universal Style oriented on the Moral and Spiritual perfection of yoga practitioner.

For more information contact: Carlisle Amlak at Renuatum Spa 340-718-2440 or via email

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