Coquito Recipe

Eggnog is a staple during the holiday season. In the Virgin Islands, Coquito is our flavor of the season! Also known as Puerto Rican eggnog, Coquito is a thick decadent drink that can be kicked up a notch with the addition of rum. We love Coquito so much that we even have a festival in its honor. If you love coconut and eggnog, then Coquito is a must have! Try out this Coquito recipe and let us know how you like it!

2-cans coconut cream
1-can sweetened condensed milk
1-can evaporated milk
1-teaspoon vanilla extract
1 -2 cup Cruzan Rum or Captain Morgan Rum ( adjust per taste )
1-tablespoon ground cinnamon
1-tablespoon ground nutmeg

Blend all of your ingredients on high for about 5 minutes in your blender. Chill and serve.