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Caryn Hodge Board of RealtorsAs the outgoing president of the St. Croix Board of Realtors, Caryn’s work resulted in many positive accomplishments. One getting a lot of buzz lately is the Historic Preservation Bill currently being considered by the Senate. While there are some definite holes and parts of the legislation in need of revision, the overall intent of the bill – to preserve and rebuild the beautiful historical fabric of our towns – is imperative to the continued success of our towns.

In keeping with our commitment to the health and vibrancy of our towns, we attended the charrette recently held by the EDA in conjunction with the National Park Service. The nightly sessions were well attended by a diverse cross-section of the community and judging by the passion and intensity, we are confident the EDA will incorporate many of the great ideas into Christiansted’s long-term development plan.

Stephanie sits on the VI Real Estate Commission and in just a few short months, the Commission has revamped the real estate license application and, most importantly, testing for salespersons and brokers is once again available in the VI! Special thanks must be heaped upon Nathalie Hodge, Administrator, Boards & Commissions, Department of Licensing & Consumer Affairs. Without all of her hard work, this would not have been possible! So start signing up to take your exam!