So many people come to St. Croix with a dream lifestyle in mind: waking up to a gentle sea breeze, daily sunkissed beach strolls, weekend beach parties and endless summer. While all these are definite possibilities, moving and living in St. Croix is just like moving and living anywhere else. Life happens here, too, and you need to secure employment, housing, and other amenities to get settled.


We hope to ease your transition by answering some frequently asked questions on relocating and living in St. Croix.

Do I need a passport and working visa to live and work in St .Croix?

St. Croix is a U.S. territory, U.S. Citizens can come and go freely without the need for a passport or working visa to gain employment. Although for identification purposes, social security cards, drivers licenses, and other personal documents will come in handy.

As a U.S. territory, St. Croix has the same immigration regulations as the mainland U.S. As such, you will need a passport and a U.S. visa to enter if you are not an American. You will also need a work visa and a resident alien status if you plan to work and call St. Croix your new home.

What is the currency in St. Croix?

St. Croix’s currency is U.S. dollars. Most businesses accept credit cards as well as travelers checks. There are several ATM machines throughout the island. We have the luxury of no sales tax on anything purchased in the island or anywhere in the rest of U.S. Virgin Islands. In many cases, if you order something from a stateside vendor, their website will not charge a state tax. The same thing typically happens when you call and place an order to a freight passort required to move to st croix

What is the time zone?

St. Croix observes the Atlantic Standard time zone (UTC – 4:00) all year round, and does not follow Daylight Savings Time.

Can I bring my pet?

Absolutely. If you are traveling from the US mainland, there is no need to quarantine your pet. However, you should have your pet’s health documents ready within 10 days of travel. You need to secure a health certificate from your vet with up to date rabies shots and clearance from any infectious disease. Also check with the airlines as some travel dates may be restricted.

If you have an unusual animal for a pet (such as any type of bird, sugar glider or ferret, among others), you need to check with the Department of Agriculture if you will need an import permit. If you do, you need to submit an application and pay a $25 fee and wait for a week or two for approval. Importing all kinds of snakes isn’t allowed in St. Croix, unfortunately for snake lovers, because of health and environmental issues.

Will my cell phone work on St. Croix?

If you’re with AT&T Wireless and Sprint, it will. It is best to ask your provider if they cover U.S. Virgin Islands, but most have surprisingly high roaming charges.

Are there public payphones?

Yes, there are, mostly in public areas such as hotels and shopping areas. Phone cards are widely available in gas stations and grocery stores. Local calls are at $.35/5 minutes, while U.S. mainland calls are charged with long distance rates.

Can I ship household items to St. Croix?

Yes, you can. There are several moving companies and freight forwarders operating on island, and they can ship your belongings via boat or air if you need them sooner. It is best to contact several moving companies to inquire about costs and shipping time as they tend to vary per provider.

What are my employment options?

Since St. Croix is a popular destination, the tourism and hospitality sector employs a lot of people. Popular jobs include hotel and resort staff, sales, wait staff, boat-mates, bartenders, and retail sales. There are a few employment agencies on the island you can contact to learn more about professional job openings. You can also inquire directly with business establishments that you are interested in, and ask if you can send them your resume.

Aside from tourism jobs, there are also employment options in health, government, education, law, and private enterprises. In some cases, wages on St. Croix are lower than stateside averages, but competence and dependability go a long way for island lovers determined to make it work. As a cost of living is higher on St. Croix than in the mainland, it is common for islanders to have more than one job.

New and exciting opportunities are blossoming from the recent installation of island-wide fiber optic internet. St. Croix recently was named a top Remote Working destination.

Do I need my own car to go around?

buying an island car

While public transport and taxis are available in more populated areas, a car is still the most convenient mode of transportation on the island. You will most likely need a car to go the grocery, schools, or run errands around town since very little of the island is easily reached on foot. Take note that people drive on the left side of the road in St. Croix.

If you are coming from the mainland and want to bring your car, you can have it shipped via any of the cargo companies in the island. You should know that your U.S. mainland license plate isn’t valid in St. Croix or in any part of USVI. Thus, you will need to have it registered and pay customs duty for importing it upon arrival.

Also, consider your car’s capabilities when bringing it to the island. Most roads on the island are paved, but there are dirt roads (some very steep) leading to more remote homes across the island. Some people opt for an “island car” – a car with considerable wear and tear that won’t leave you cringing each time you hit a pothole or back down a driveway lined with thorny bougainvillea.

With this in mind, you should seriously consider if it is worth bringing your car or just buying one in St. Croix that fits your budget. There are several car dealerships around, as well as personal ads from people selling used cars. Craig’s List for the USVI has heated up considerably for jobs, cars and personal items for sale during the past few years.

Is my drivers license valid in the island?

U.S. licenses are valid for 90 days after arrival. Drivers licenses from elsewhere aren’t valid, thus the need to secure a temporary and/or permanent license.

What types of schools are available?

If you are moving with children, you will find a selection of private, public and parochial schools on the island. The University of Virgin Islands also has a campus on St. Croix.

What types of housing are available?

St. Croix enjoys relatively cheaper rental rates than the rest of USVI. A one-bedroom apartment in St. Croix, for instance, costs around $800 a month; but is within $1,200-1,800 on St. John or $950-1,500 on St. Thomas. There is a wide range of housing available from apartment complexes, single detached houses, and villas.  Blue Sky Real Estate represents large and small Caribbean real estate properties located all over St. Croix. Whether you are interested in a luxury home, undeveloped land, condo, fix-upper, commercial property, a hilltop perch or a beachfront oasis, Blue Sky Real Estate can help.

Where can I apply for mortgage in case I decide to purchase a property?

Local banks and mortgage lenders have similar lending options as those in the mainland. Conventional, FHA, VA, jumbo, and conforming loans are readily available. It is best to contact financial establishments (some are listed below) directly to see what they have to offer. Interest rates are at an all-time low, so if you’re considering purchasing a property in St. Croix, there’s never a better time than now.

  • Bank of St. Croix
  • Capital Mortgage
  • Flagstar Bank
  • Schaffer Mortgage
  • Coastal Financial
  • FirstBank
  • Banco Popular
  • First Liberty Mortgage

What type of property insurance is needed?

All home loans require earthquake and windstorm insurance, which is about 2-3 percent of a structure’s replacement value.

How much is property tax?

Property taxes in St. Croix are lower than U.S. mainland rates, just 60 percent of assessed value multiplied by 1.25 percent. If you live in an area utilizing the municipal sewer system, a small tax is levied. There are no, water or school taxes as well unlike in the mainland.

Are there transfer taxes?

Yes, there are and they are usually paid at closing. Transfer taxes are imposed on all real estate deals, with rates of:

  • 2%for properties up to $350,000;
  • 2.5% for properties up to $1 million;
  • 3% for properties up to $5 million; and
  • 3.5% for properties more than $5 million

Are there other costs from purchasing a property?

Aside from those mentioned above, buyers are also responsible for costs of as-built survey or certificate, appraisal, recordation of deed, attorney’s fees, and bank processing fees. Sellers are typically responsible for the transfer stamp tax and termite inspection/treatment.

If I decide to lease my property, what’s the rental income like?

There are several property management companies in St. Croix to choose from. After maintenance expenses and management commissions, owners can generally expect a 50 percent net of the gross rental income.

Blue Sky Real Estate offers property management services including screening applicants, paying bills, handing repairs, marketing online, checking inventory, assessing arrival/departure conditions, and staging property for maximum impact and income. Contact us to find out more.

Your Own Piece of History – An Introduction to Purchasing Historic Caribbean Property

Classic design, character, and intrigue – the allure of purchasing historic property is often as multi-faceted as the building or land itself. Throughout the USVI, the rich history contained within the thick Danish brick walls holds the distinction of being one of the most treasured historical places in all of the Caribbean. In just Christiansted, St. Croix, more than 27 acres of well-preserved 18th century Danish-inspired architecture gracefully expand from the shores of the Christiansted Harbor. And, a multitude of real estate opportunities awaits. buying historic property in the USVI

Vision is key when purchasing an historic property. Often the property needs repair or updating, and buyers should do their due diligence to ensure they are aware of the needs, benefits and local requirements surrounding the purchase of the storied property.

buying historic propeIf you are concerned about structural integrity, for example, be certain to check out the rehabilitation regulations of the local preservation society. Perhaps discuss the building with a local preservation-oriented architect.

Many of us know the potential challenges, but the benefits can be great! Here we review some of the considerations and steps required when purchasing an historic property in Christiansted or Frederiksted, St. Croix.

  • Federal Historic Preservation Tax Break

To qualify for this incentive, an owner needs to be certain the location is registered as an historic location. If it is not already, the owner secures a certification application from the National Park Service to be listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Once the application is approved, the government will shoulder 20% of the amount spent on renovations via tax breaks, provided certain conditions are met. One such condition is that the property must be income generating. Renting out a room or space in the property, constructing a home office, or opening a bed and breakfast or yoga studio within the space are just some ways owners can avail of this tax break.

  • Easements from preservation societies

Historic property owners can get in touch with preservation societies at the city and state levels and coordinate with them about securing an easement. Essentially, an easement is a contract between a historic property owner and a historical preservation society. The agreement rewards with owner with reduced income tax or real estate tax with the promise of maintaining the property’s historical value. An easement is a permanent contract and is filed with the property’s deed that future owners can also benefit from.

  • Rehabilitation credit

Owners who have properties that aren’t listed in the National Register of Historic Places can still apply for tax incentives for renovations. A 10% rehabilitation credit can be applied for at the National Park Service. This credit can be used for renovations to preserve a property’s historic character. Take note that this credit is only available for structures built before 1936.

  • Historical preservation grants

Owners who look further will find that there are also a myriad of historical preservation grants available from philanthropic organizations. The National Trust for Historic Preservation is a good place to start searching. Add the Enterprise Zone through the EDA and the local Historic Preservation Office at the Department of Natural Resources. Both have great tax credit programs.

  • Federal Housing Administration loans

Buyers who are eyeing a historic fix-upper have some great options for funding. The Federal Housing Administration has a program to grant loans at friendly terms for historic property restoration mortgages.

Interested in buying historic property in St. Croix? Blue Sky Real Estate represents large and small Caribbean real estate properties located all over St. Croix, St. Thomas, and St. John, US Virgin Islands. Whether you are interested in a luxury home, undeveloped land, condo, fix-upper, commercial property, a hilltop perch or a beachfront oasis, Blue Sky Real Estate can help.

Selling a home can be nerve-wracking. And for good reason, with all of the cleaning and staging that has to be done! Like many other home sellers, you want to sell fast. But how?

The key is in meticulous planning. An attractive and marketable home for sale doesn’t happen overnight, you will need at least a week of preparation. Some might think that’s a lot, but considering you need to prep your house from inside out, upside, down…well, it takes a little time.Preparing Your Home for Sale

And, you only have one chance to make a good first impression; unfortunately, very few home buyers want to take a second look if they don’t feel a connection with a property the first time around. If a prospective buyer doesn’t want to get out of his car after a quick look at your home exterior, let’s just say a sale will not be on the horizon.

So, how do you start preparing your house for sale? Here are some do’s and don’ts:

  • DO make sure to set a competitive selling price. Find out how similar properties are being sold, and make sure you don’t set a price too high. You’ll have greater chances of getting it under contract that way, rather than listing for house at a higher price then reducing it after some time in the market. A property for sale gets the most attention within the first 90 days of listing. After that, and it still hasn’t sold, some buyers may wonder if there’s something wrong with the property.
  • DON’T get too sentimental. We know, we really know, that it’s difficult to detach yourself from your house. Envision yourself handing over the keys to the new owners. Try to see the many possibilities waiting for you when you’ve sold your house and moved to another. When one door closes…well, you’ve heard that one before.
  • DO Organize cabinets and closets. House buyers love to open kitchen cabinets and bedroom closets. Now, imagine what they’ll think if they see everything organized. Stack dishes neatly. Fold and hang your clothes properly. Clean your shoes and line them up. Having things in proper order sends a message to buyers that your house is well taken care of.
  • DON’T display personal pictures or heirlooms. Tuck them away in a safe place, with the thought that you’ll get to display them again when you move to your new house. You don’t want to distract buyers with these personal artifacts. They tend to divert a buyer’s attention, often making them wonder what kind of people live in the house. You don’t want them thinking along that line.
  • DO remove all your clutter. It’s amazing how people can amass impressive amounts of stuff over the years. Go through your things and see which ones need to go. Tip: if you haven’t used something in more than a year, most likely you don’t need it. Just throw out excessive junk, or better, why not donate them? Pack important items in a small box and store in a closet.
  • DON’T display your favorite furniture or appliances. If you’re planning to move out with your beloved chandelier or nice desk, take it away before a prospective buyer sees and likes it. Sometimes, it can be a deal breaker if you tell them they can’t have it.
  • DO make small repairs. Most buyers will check on seemingly trivial house parts. Make sure you’ve fixed leaky faucets, jammed doors and drawers, wall holes, cracked tiles, burned-out light bulbs, even worn bed sheets and curtains.
  • DON’T display a filthy house. This goes without saying. Best if you can hire a professional cleaner with power tools to clean your house inside out. You want a nice smelling house with clean windows, sparkling faucets, tubs, sinks, showers and mirrors.
  • DO clean and organize your house’s exterior as well. Make sure to mow your lawn, trim bushes, and clear all junk from sidewalks and pathways. Flowers are a nice touch for a much prettier and inviting look.
  • DON’T display your pets. Most buyers don’t like seeing pets around when viewing a property. Also it can be a deal breaker if your pet poops or gets out of control while buyers are around. Ask a friend or a relative to take care of your pet while prospective buyers are scrutinizing your house.

Best of luck selling your house! Contact us at Blue Sky Real Estate if you need help selling your property. Blue Sky Real Estate represents large and small Caribbean real estate properties located on St. Croix, St. Thomas, St. John, US Virgin Islands and Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands. Whether you are selling a luxury home, undeveloped land, condo, fix-upper, commercial property, a hilltop perch or a beachfront oasis, Blue Sky Real Estate can help.

Beach, beach and more beach a short walk from this refreshing Gentle Winds villa. Artfully decorated to soothe senses as soon as you open the door to overlook the classic kidney shaped pool and the fringe of blowing palms skirting deep yellow sand and protected Caribbean bay. The 3 bedroom/ 3 bath suites sleeps 6 comfortably- 1 King sized, 1 Queen sized and twin beds- and everyone can relax on either of the upstairs decks or the screened gallery. Gentle Winds offers 4 hole golf course, pirate ship play house, tennis courts, beach bar, clubhouse, and tidal pools and wetlands for exploration. Weekly High Season rate- $2900/ Low Season Rate- $1950 + utilities and 10% hotel tax.

High ceilings and warm sunny colors throughout add to the stunning elegance of this villa. 2 spacious bedrooms and bathrooms compliment the comfortable feel of this rental. A private pool is available for relaxation at any time of the day or night. A peek-a-boo ocean view will enhance the experience. This villa is fully furnished and ready to go! Available for $2050/month + utilities long term, $3650/month short term, $4800/one month only. No pets please!

Mooney Bay, a 22-acre freehold property, is the largest private estate on Virgin Gorda. Located in the prestigious playground of the North Sound with spectacular views of Sir Richard Bransons Necker Island & newest acquisition Mosquito Island, the estate is only accessible by private motor launch. Six suites sprawl across manicured lawns and front a white sand beach & tranquil Caribbean waters

While well-known for its pristine beaches and turquoise waters, St. Croix recently has received more notice for its fantastic holiday season events. Beginning Thanksgiving week, the calendar of holiday festivities on St. Croix lasts more than a month!

Yes, that’s right. A whole month of dancing, singing, colorful costumes, delectable local food, boat parades, adult & kids parades and fireworks – all set against a gorgeous Caribbean backdrop.

st croix adult christmas festival parade
Photo: VI Daily News

Some of the islands events are officially part of the Crucian Christmas Festival and some are sponsored by other organizations. Christmas has long been a focal point for St. Croix merriment.

“All Ah We Are Carnival: 2013-2014,” (a.k.a. Crucian Christmas Festival) promises to be even bigger this year as it enters its 61st year.

The fun starts around Thanksgiving and ends in early January.

The roster of events include six we love:

1.      Boat Parade

St. Croix’s annual Boat Parade is one of the biggest of its kind in the Caribbean. This traditional parade started in 1994 as the local boating community’s way of thanking everyone for supporting the fishing and boating industry in St. Croix. Almost two decades later, the Boat Parade has become one of the most anticipated highlights in the Crucian Christmas Festival.

This year’s parade is slated on December 14, and is expected to draw huge crowds of locals and tourists as beautifully decorated boats cruise through Christiansted Harbor. Festivities start at around 1 pm at the Christiansted Boardwalk, and the Boat Parade will kick off at sunset, around 6 pm. A beautiful fireworks display will mark the end of the parade.Photo: St. Croix Boat Parade

2. Thanksgiving Jump Up

St. Croix simply loves Jump Ups, they celebrate them four times a year! The Festival-like party is held every Valentine’s Day, the months of May and June, and on the Friday after  Thanksgiving.

This year’s wildly anticipated Thanksgiving Jump Up will be on November 29. As usual, streets will be closed down from 6 pm until about 10 pm to give way to street dancing and live music. Jump Up staple, the iconic Mocko Jumbies will take center stage once again, as they balance on stilts and dance to the beat of steel drum bands and eclectic musicians. Even people who have seen Mocko Jumbies before never cease to be entertained and amazed at the performers’ amazing balancing skills. Mocko Jumbies have been part of the Virgin Islands culture for centuries – legend has it that they ward off evil spirits.Photo: VI Daily News

Sponsored by the CRRA (Christiansted Restaurant & Retail Association), the Thanksgiving Jump Up is also a great opportunity to showcase local cuisines, unique handcrafted jewelry, and authentic Caribbean music and artists. The Thanksgiving Jump Up is a great opportunity to bond with residents and visitors alike. So, soak up a bit of Crucian culture during Thanksgiving Jump Up and don’t forget to take advantage of the late hours and special deals to be found in Christiansted town’s many shops!

3. Starving Artists Day

One of the most awaited fundraising events of the year, Starving Artists Day showcases arts and crafts made by local artists. The St. Croix Landmarks Society organizes this event, which will be held on set on December 1 this year at Estate Whim Museum in Frederiksted.

The event will feature over 60 local artists, crafts persons, jewelers, and food producers. Fine arts, original crafts, sculptures, photography, ceramics, and Caribbean food are on display and for sale at Starving Artists booths peppered across the grounds of Estate Whim.

This event will also feature an Estate Whim Museum open house, as well as amazing discounts in the Museum Store. Enjoy self guided tours, cash raffle, cake walk, a sweet bread competition, and much more.

4. Christmas Spoken Here

Children in St. Croix look forward to this event as this is one of the very first occasions that Santa Claus – or maybe one of his helpers 🙂 – makes an appearance.

Christmas Spoken Here St Croix
Photo: Perry Sheraw

This year, Christmas Spoken Here is scheduled for December 8 at the St. George Village Botanical Garden.

Pose for the picture with Santa in his sleigh, listen to holiday carolers, partake in arts and crafts and enjoy fabulous local food in this joyous event.

5. Children’s Parade

They say Christmas is for children. St. Croix has the perfect parade for the kids! On January 3, 2014, kids from as young as 2 years old get to show the adults how to party. They will dance, jump, and march in the streets to their hearts delight, dressed in colorful costumes. Participants are organized by troupe, each with its ow

St. Croix Children's Parade
Photo: St Croix This Week

n theme. Themes are varied and entertaining each year – from Mocko Jumbies to dragons, aliens, Indians, and much more.

6. Adult Festival Parade

Meh-son! There is nothing like the St. Croix Crucian Christmas Festival Adult Parade. This much-awaited event attracts thousands of locals and visitors each year. Troupes spend months preparing costumes and themes to delight the crowds lining the streets of Frederiksted town.

On January 4, 2014, join us and be amazed as the Adult Festival Parade kicks off with expertly-crafted, colorful costumes, great music, and festive spirit that St. Croix people are known for.

The Adult Parade in St. Croix typically has more than 45 entries each year, and the festivities can last 8 hours and beyond. Established troupes like Gentlemen of Jones, Party Lovers, Infernos, and Jesters perform various themes to the beat of steel drums and various calypso bands. During this wonderful celebration you often see people from all walks of life – from business people, doctors, politicians, teachers, to bewildered but thrilled visitors – dancing to their heart’s content in a sea of colors and music.

So, if you are in the mood for some serious festivities during the holidays, tuck away your winter wardrobe, pack some board shorts and sunscreen, and head down to St. Croix.

And, of course, if you are bitten by the Crucian bug like so many, check out Blue Sky Real Estate’s Rentals for St. Croix’s most charming homes, vacation villas and rentals!

Blue Sky Real Estate represents large and small Caribbean real estate properties located all over St. Croix, St. Thomas, and St. John in the US Virgin Islands. Blue Sky also operates in the British Virgin Islands from its Virgin Gorda location. Whether you are interested in a luxury home, undeveloped land, condo, fix-upper, commercial property, a hilltop perch or a beachfront oasis, Blue Sky Real Estate knows Virgin Islands Real Estate. Contact Us today!


Get Lost in Anegada

Get lost in Anegada – home to the fourth largest barrier reef in the world, pristine beaches and crystal clear waters. The Anegada Beach Club is a full-service hotel with 16 stylish, air-conditioned suites and a superbly trained staff. The Anegada Beach Club offers full service dining, a lovely pool area and a helipad.

This video delivers an excellent overview of the Anegada Beach Club. Enjoy this luxurious property for a visit or as the owner (See listing here). Contact Blue Sky Real Estate to discover more about this incredible opportunity.

Mooney Bay, Virgin Gorda’s largest private estate (MLS#13-476) shines as one of the featured properties in luxury lifestyle magazine Ocean Home.Mooney Bay Featured in Ocean Home Magazine

The October/November 2013 issue highlights the 22-acre property’s spectacular views of Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island and newly acquired Mosquito Island.

Check out their latest issue and get a glimpse of stunning and luxurious coastal properties that make up everyone’s dream island getaway.

For more information about Mooney Bay’s property listing, contact a Blue Sky Real Estate agent today.

Blue Sky Real Estate represents large and small Caribbean real estate properties located all over St. Croix, St. Thomas, and St. John, US Virgin Islands. Whether you are interested in a luxury home, undeveloped land, condo, fix-upper, commercial property, a hilltop perch or a beachfront oasis, Blue Sky Real Estate can help.


Buck-Island-Beach-st. croix USVI

Sales Reveal Tremendous Opportunity for Buyers

Have you priced quality living recently? What value do you attach to waking up to the gentle sound of ocean waves, a warm breeze touching your skin, rays of tropical sunshine coming through your window?

You might be surprised at how affordable it has become to make your Caribbean dreams a reality right now on St. Croix, USVI.

Why St. Croix, USVI?

Highly-regarded online magazine,, consistently rates the US Virgin Islands as “one of the best islands to live.” A no-passport-necessary, English-speaking, exotic location governed by US law, St. Croix often surprises visitors with it’s laid-back, welcoming feel and general livability.

“I could actually live here,” the befuddled traveler often realizes about mid-way through their Caribbean getaway. Phone calls are made, housing is secured and suddenly, St. Croix welcomes a new islander.

Often, once their transition to island life is complete, those who have made St. Croix their home say this island is the perfect choice for them – not so touristy but large enough to offer diversity and many stateside conveniences.

Why now?

St. Croix is going through its own transition right now. One of its largest employers has closed (HOVENSA L.L.C.) and many of those specifically trained in refining have found themselves leaving island to continue their careers.

That transition, coupled with a still-recovering U.S. economy, has provided unprecedented housing market opportunities on St. Croix.

On the flip side, St. Croix is unveiling a new internet infrastructure that will give the 84-square-mile island more internet bandwidth than New York City. The timing for this initiative is spot-on – planting the seeds for a perfect remote work locale.15-shoys

Hundreds of remote employees and business owners have discovered this secret and are spending their 9-5 life reporting to stateside jobs as always. Their weekends, however, are the stuff most of their colleagues pack into two short weeks a year. Monday’s virtual water cooler chatter for these folks is filled with stories of swimming with dolphins, sighting sea turtles, boating, diving or deep sea fishing.

Regardless of what brings you to St. Croix, why you decide to stay or how you will make the most of your time here, the real point is that timing is everything and the time to find stellar deals on St. Croix property is now.

Examples of Value in the Market

An outstanding and rare 1.36 acre beachfront property in the exclusive, gated community Estate Shoys was listed at $995,000 and sold for just $400,000.

The buyer really scored with this purchase, which included  full architectural drawings for a magnificent 3,700 square foot home with a pool.

sion hill st croix real estateWe saw another great example of value in the market with the sale of this breezy, 3/2 home in Sion Hill. It sold for just $225,000. Surrounded by beautiful mahogany and palm trees, this newly constructed and concrete home makes for a very relaxing and quiet retreat. Not long ago, it was not possible to find a desirable family home for less than $350,000 – they simply were not available.

In another pending deal, a home on a one-acre property is under contract after having been listed at a perfect price of $349k. This gracious hilltop home with dramatic views of Christiansted town, Buck Island and North Shore could serve as a fabulous family, a great vacation villa or a very comfortable second-home.Salt-River-st-croix-real-estate

St. Croix properties are very diverse and we are witnessing an exciting buzz surrounding the opportunities across all geographic locations and market segments.

Interested in a luxury home, a condo, a commercial property, a fixer-upper or undeveloped land? Seeking a hilltop perch or do you prefer to be steps from the water?

Guess what? It’s available. And probably at a price that will surprise you.

Blue Sky Real Estate represents large and small Caribbean real estate properties located all over St. Croix, St. Thomas, and St. John, US Virgin Islands. We are focused on what you need and stick by your side to get the deal closed. Contact our agents today and let us learn more about how we can help you realize your Caribbean dream.