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Christiansted, St. Croix history exhibit

The Christiansted National Historic Site unveils an exhibit featuring the rich culture of Christiansted and the story behind its neighborhoods. The exhibit has been open to public since August, and will run through September 2014. Located at the second floor of Fort Christiansvaern, the exhibit runs from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm daily, except on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The exhibit showcases the unique and complex history on how people who have been slaves came to settle in Christiansted and organized themselves into thriving communities.

Scores of researchers, residents, students, artists, park rangers, and business owners from Christiansted and abroad contributed to make this exhibit a reality. Over 18 months, the National Park Service spearheaded the research; and gathering of significant historic information and photos from the founding communities of Christiansted.

Park Service Curator David Goldstein said that while faced with this enormous task, the willingness of everyone involved made it easier for them to accomplish the project.

To learn more about the exhibit, contact 719-4091. Interested parties can book appointments for the tours of Gallows Bay and Free Gut through the Eastern National Bookstore also at the same number.

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