Did You Know?

If you guessed the Great House at Catherine’s Hope, you were right. There began a flurry of activity and serendipity. We knew the house because we had sold it. The owners were kind enough to say, “Yes!” In lieu of accepting payment for Stewart’s stay, the owners had that money donated to two fabulous organizations to help them continue to serve members of the community.

We made it our business to highlight points of interest and recommend local farms, eateries and beaches. Make no mistake, Ms. Stewart jumped right in and explored St. Croix and connected with old friends. The family was able to relax and enjoy St. Croix charm at the Great House at Catherine’s Hope as they took in gorgeous scenery and indulged in local foods prepared in-house. Stewart and her family visited both ends of the island and stopped in at points of interest like Point Udall, Historic Christiansted town, and the Crucian Carnival Village. We find great pleasure in the work we do and the amazing people we work with!

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