Is island life for you? Or is having an island getaway for you? Both questions would entail completely different lists of pros and cons. For investment purposes, island homes tend to hold their value, as land is obviously at a premium on an island!

The population of USA has access to many islands, but none are as beautiful as the US and British Virgin Islands. So, if you are planning to buy a second home on an island, you will not need to do the same soul-searching that would be required for a permanent move. The advantages differ according to each island’s amenities, climate, environment, and so on.

Many families have bought an island property as a group purchase, and the weekends and vacations are allotted on a casual ‘time share’ basis within the family. It is shared in turn for weekend getaways where the children can roam free on weekends and vacations and every now and again they will all plan to show up together! It is a great idea for promoting family unity. It also keeps costs down, as boats, fishing rods, repairs etc can be shared. Issues like arriving home with no sugar, is really just an accepted part of island life, and easily adjusted to. That’s what neighbors are for, and community glue is strong on islands!

To some, suddenly deciding to sell everything up and move to an island would sound idyllic and to others it may bring on claustrophobia!! But, rest assured that for the islanders and those who have taken the leap and purchased a home in Virgin Islands, the peace and the feeling of being ‘away from it all’ is paramount. It only takes a few minutes after you arrive in the Virgin Islands for that feeling of peace to pervade your entire being.